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Frontline Defender was founded in July of 2018 by husband and wife, Brian & Germaine Eisel.

Germaine was a loss prevention manager for Boston Store and lost her job when the company went out of business. She didn't know what she wanted to do next, but knew she didn't want to work for another company, so she started her own business.

Brian was a police officer for the Village of Mount Pleasant, WI for 23 years. He gave up his career so the couple could devote all of their time and resources into their fledgling company.

The couple originally sold wood models at air shows, state fairs, and various other events, but after nearly going bankrupt, divine intervention sent them down the path of selling apparel.

It's become their mission to show our nation's frontline defenders that they are needed and supported in their duties. Frontline Defender primarily focuses on supporting our nation's military personnel, police officers, and fire fighters, but our support extends to all who walk the frontlines to protect our country, including their families and supporters.

It's been a wild and crazy ride since, but they are grateful they took the risk. The business has taken them all across our great nation, coast to coast and border to border. They travel with their three crazy dogs, Deezel, Vader, & Gilligan.

Frontline Defender is currently based in Milwaukee County, WI. There are two brick and mortar locations, one in Greendale, WI and the other in Gurnee, IL. The couple still travels and sets up booths at events across the United States.

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